Roxanne Williams creates ‘Visual Candy for the Soul’ and has a deep fascination with colourful human expression. This is explored primarily through painted portraits which are thematically focused on the subconscious and instinctual reactions. Her abstract strokes reveal emotions which are fleeting and seen only between the everyday masks of manipulation and disguise.

“I draw the viewer in with the use of bright palettes and feel happiest when I witness a piece captivate someone in a moment, as time is a precious commodity you can give but can’t get back.

The aim is to connect people, giving them a sense of familiarity and imagination when they engage in my works.”

Born and based in London and of afro caribbean heritage, she is influenced by the city’s worldly clash of cultures and often gifts her female creations with full beautiful lips and bright eyes. The body of her expressive work is made using acrylic based mediums whether sprayed, painted or dripped. She enjoys working in different and interesting environments and splits her time equally between working on location and in her studio. 

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